Gallery 333, 333 Old Main Rd., N. Falmouth, MA, Arlene Hecht, owner and director.
Luding Meng


Luding Meng was born in Heibei Province, China. He studied at The Central Academy in Beijing where he later became a member of the faculty. He received notoriety in 1989 when he created a sculpture entitled, The Goddess of Democracy which he and his students brought to Tiananmen Square during the uprising. Following this tragic event, Meng came to the United States and settled in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon where he achieved great success in galleries and universities.

In 1995 he came to Massachusetts and first exhibited his oil paintings at Gallery 333, North Falmouth, Mass. Meng left a large collection of his abstract work in museums in China and he returns there almost every year. He is included in the book A History of Contemporary Chinese Art and has been on the cutting edge of the Abstract Movement in China. Meng is a surrealist painter who favors the female portrait, which is often part of the landscape - a style associated with Andrew Wyeth. His early works reveal his Russian training , influenced by Greek sculpture and mythology. His use of light and color is similar to Rembrandt’s technique. All of this carries over into his most recent work which includes some American subjects.

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