Gallery 333, 333 Old Main Rd., N. Falmouth, MA, Arlene Hecht, owner and director.
Ned Manter

Woods Hole Boats Snow
"Woods Hole Boats Snow"

Nobska Snow Fence
"Nobska Snow Fence"

Rainbow Birds
"Rainbow Birds"

Always a lover of nature, as a child Ned enjoyed tramping through the woods. He received his first camera at the age of ten. His serious interest in photography began at age of eighteen. In the early 1970ís, Ned was a marine biologist employed as a staff photographer by Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Md. He was based in New York which made it possible to observe some of the most important and experienced photographers. He learned his craft through observation- he was essentially self-taught. His work kept him close to nature as it took him up and down the New England coast photographing marine life, thereby enhancing his love of nature.

Ned left the profession of marine biology to become a full time photographer. For decades, he has photographed the natural environment of Cape Cod, specializing in timeless images that present nature to us revealing no evidence of the affects of man. Trees continue to be a major interest perpetuating his love of the woods. His work is sensitive and lyrical. Gem like images of mosses and wild flowers reveal the more intimate subjects in nature; suites of photographs taken at the same places in different seasons and light slow down time for the viewer. Nedís expertise attracts numerous art professionals who come to his Pocasset Massachusetts studio to have their own artwork photographed.

Lifeguard Lovers
"Lifeguard Lovers"

Goodwill Park Trees
"Goodwill Park Trees"

Monks Cove Geese
"Monks Cove Geese"

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